Review Buku The B.I.G. Code: 52 Weekly Challenges to "Be Insanely Great" - Magnus Mulyadi

Published: Saturday, 20 February 2021 Written by Dipidiff



Judul : The B.I.G. Code - 52 Weekly Challenges to "Be Insanely Great"

Penulis : Magnus Mulyadi & IKIGAI Consulting

Jenis Buku : Self Improvement - Workbook

Penerbit : Charissa Publisher

Tahun Terbit : 2021

Jumlah Halaman :  254 halaman

Dimensi Buku :  13 x 19 cm

Harga : Rp. 159.000

ISBN : 9786237509493






Sekelumit Tentang Isi


Are you tired of living the same "okay" life everyday?

Do you feel like you're going nowhere in life?

Do you feel that there are some unrealized potential within you?

If you answered "yes" to one of the above questions, then The B.I.G. Code is a book for you!

Written as a modern handbook to a great life, the B.I.G. Code offers 52 weekly challenges to help you achieve greatness, love unconditionally and find joy in your day to day life.

By the end of this book, you will not just be a great person, but you'll be an 'insanely great person'


Yuk kita intip daftar isinya



Creating a Purposeful Life

The Story: A Reason to Live

Chapter 1: Values, Mission Statement and Rules for Life

Chapter 2: Daily Alignment

Chapter 3: A Little Thing Called Passion

Chapter 4: Integrating Your Life Plan

Chapter 5: Remove Dead Time

Chapter 6: Create Your One Pager

Midpoint Coaching Session


Mastering a New Skill

The Story: The Quarter-Life Crisis

Chapter 7: The Theory of Meta-Learning

Chapter 8: Create Your Own Personal Counselors

Chapter 9: Find a Living Mentor

Chapter 10: Join a Community

Chapter 11: Get Your Skin in the Game


Building Resilience

The Story: Tap into Your Personal Power

Chapter 12: The Circle of Control

Chapter 13: Negative Visualizations

Chapter 14: Voluntary Discomfort

Chapter 15: Everything is Neutral

Chapter 16: The Power of Journaling

Midpoint Coaching Session






Build a strong relationship with yourself

The Story: Unconditional Love

Chapter 17: Notice the Way You Talk to Yourself?

Chapter 18: How Do You Talk to Yourself?

Chapter 19: Show Your Love to Yourself

Chapter 20: Making Peace with Your Insecurities

Chapter 22: Develop a Self-Compassion Mantra

Midpoint Coaching Session


Building a strong relationship with other people

The Story: Competitive vs. Collaborative Behavior

Chapter 24: The Random Acts of Kindness Initiative

Chapter 25: Cultivate the Abundance Mentality

Chapter 26: Make a Win-Win Agreement

Chapter 27: Practice Emphatic Listening

Chapter 28: Communicating Effectively

Chapter 29: Valuing Differences

Chapter 30: Create a Third Alternative

Midpoint Coaching Session


Handling conflict and maintaining relationships

The Story: Social Intelligence

Chapter 31: Don't Be a Bore

Chapter 32: Handling Insults

Chapter 33: See It from the Other Side

Chapter 34: The Art of Dealing with Difficult People

Chapter 35: Be a Virtuous Person

Chapter 36: Reduce Judgmental Thoughts

Midpoint Coaching Session


If You're Reading This




Developing inner peace

The Story: Missing the Past, Worrying

About the Future

Chapter 37: Still Your Mind

Chapter 38: Focus on the Present Moment

Chapter 39: Limit Your Input

Chapter 40: Perceive Well, Think Well

Chapter 41: Act Without Expectation

Midpoint Coaching Session


Developing common wisdom

The Story: Finding Common Wisdom

Chapter 42: Nurture Your Inner Compass

Chapter 43: Start a Decision Journal

Chapter 44: Read a Great Work of Fiction

Chapter 45: Explore Dangerous Ideas

Chapter 46: Don't Watch the News

Midpoint Coaching Session


Finding joy

The Story: All Work and No Play Makes Ken a Dull Boy

Chapter 47: Be a Mono-Tasker

Chapter 48: On Dealing with Envy

Chapter 49: Control Your Desire

Chapter 50: Bathe in Beauty

Chapter 51: Practice Gratitude

Chapter 52: Have a Little Fun

Midpoint Coaching Session


Congratulations, You Are Now Insanely Great



Seputar Fisik Buku dan Disainnya


Sebuah komposisi warna yang kalem yang bikin buku ini eye catching di mata saya. Judulnya juga menarik, mencirikan genrenya dan isinya yang sebuah workbook. Beberapa buku dengan tema challenge memang lagi cukup sering saya lihat di toko buku.

Ilustrasinya sendiri yang mengambil angle otak manusia dengan aksi meletakkan kepingan yang menyatukan sebuah jaringan yang terputus, menurut saya quite interesting. Buku tentang mindset, yang membahas berbagai sisi pengembangan diri.

Buku ini paperback, dengan jumlah halaman yang ga terlalu banyak tapi padat karena challenge-nya sendiri berjumlah 52.


Opini - Yang menarik dan atau disuka dari Buku ini 

Magnus Mulyadi berkolaborasi bersama IKIGAI menerbitkan buku The B.I.G. Code: 52 Weekly Challenges to "Be Insanely Great" (2021). Buku ini dimaksudkan sebagai buku self improvement yang tidak hanya memperkaya wawasan dan menginspirasi pembacanya tapi juga mengambil peran sebagai pemicu tindakan nyata sebagai aplikasi teori yang dipaparkan di dalam buku. 
Di dalam buku ini ada 254 halaman yang di dalamnya terdapat 52 bab ditambah halaman-halaman pengantar dan pelengkap. Tidak perlu bingung dengan jumlah babnya yang banyak, karena The B.I.G. Code sebenarnya adalah buku workbook. Harusnya pembaca sudah bisa langsung menebak dari sub judulnya '52 Weekly Challenges ...' itu. Kebetulan saya punya beberapa buku berformat workbook sehingga familiar dengan modelnya.
Secara garis besar The B.I.G. Code buat saya terasa seperti workbook untuk satu paketan lengkap topik pengembangan diri. Challenge pertamanya mengambil topik identity dan value yang memang merupakan kunci awal sebuah self improvement. Teori pengantarnya mudah dipahami, arahan untuk action-nya juga jelas, dan challenge-nya sendiri applicable.
Chapter 1:
Values, Mission Statement and Rules for Life
Let's start with the beginning.
Quoting the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist who survived Nazi concentration camps, once said, "Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.
During his time in the concentration camps, he noticed that prisoners who managed to find meaning in their suffering lived longer than those who didn't. These people had found reasons to live, and thus were able to bear their sufferings with dignity.
Like Frankl concluded later on: "In some ways suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice."
This is why the B.I.G. Challenge starts with having you discover your values and mission statement.
Your Challenge
Your values and mission statement are probably two of the simplest tools for discovering your "why". So...
Page 15
Setiap sebelum masuk ke part yang dimaksud, selalu ada cerita yang disampaikan sebagai bridging menuju pemaparan dan challenge-nya. Contohnya cerita tentang June yang menjadi pengantar masuk ke bab Values, Mission Statement and Rules for Life yang saya kutipkan di bawah ini.
A Reason to Live
June is a young woman who is blessed with brains and beauty. She was born into a wealthy family and as a child, all her needs were well taken care of. As she grew up, she became a carefree, go-with-the-flow person who seemed to have no worries about the future. Her life had no purpose and she didn't have any values to live by. She spent most of her time partying and living life like there was no tomorrow.
Her life was blissful until, one day, a feeling of sudden emptiness struck her heart. She saw that her life was going nowhere, and she thought that it was meaningless. Ever since that day, she felt depressed easily and became more sensitive around others.
To make matters worse, June didn't know how to handle relationships. Her relationships with others usually ended with guilt or disappointment. Her relationships with others usually ended with guilt or disappointment. She felt that it was her responsibility to accommodate other people's wants and make them happy. In order to achieve this, she changed her personality and preferences depending on who she was with. Accommodating each of their demands. When her spouse asked her to go against her parents, she did so. When her friends asked her to lie, she did so. And once things went wrong in her relationships, she felt lonely and disappointed with life. She felt victimized because she thought she had tried very hard to meet other people's expectations.
On the surface, her life looked glamorous and comfortable. But in reality, those comforts and privileges were gained by pleasing everyone around her and giving away bits and pieces of herself. She never knew what she lived for. And in the end, she wasn't happy. She didn't know how to stand up for herself.
She had lost her reason to live...
Page 13-14
Untuk teman-teman yang mengikuti buku-buku self help, strategi yang digunakan di buku The B.I.G. Code tidak akan asing terasa, lantaran per chapternya merupakan rumusan konsep dan strategi dari banyak buku bagus karya penulis self help berkualitas. Misalnya,
In his book Give and Take, psychologist Adam Grant identified that "success depends heavily on how we approach our interactions with others. Every time we interact with another person at work, we have a choice to make: do we try to claim as much value as we can, or contribute value without worrying about what we receive in return?'
He later concluded that the people who contribute the most value without worrying about what they receive in return are the ones who will eventually succeed (or at least succeed the longest)/
Page 123
When people begin to interact with one another genuinely, and they re open to each other s influence, they begin to gain new insights. The capability to invent new approaches - or "third alternatives," as Stephen R. Covey put it - is increased exponentially because of people's differences. In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey write that synergy means "producing something with another person that neither of you could have produced separately."
And it all starts with valuing differences.
Valuing Differences
Before you can leverage the strengths of others, you must first be able to recognize and value their differences. So, how much do you value differences?
The following exercises are designed to help you value others' differences. Pick one or combine a few of them and do them this week:
1. Learn from differences" Choose a political or social issues you care about. Put your personal ...
Page 141
Buat saya pribadi, menyenangkan sekali  menemukan buku yang seperti ini, karena saya sepakat dengan penulis, bahwa sebanyak apapun buku pengembangan diri yang dibaca, itu tidak akan membawa perubahan dan manfaat yang signifikan ketika bacaan hanyalah sebuah aktifitas menambah wawasan. Workbook The B.I.G. Code membantu kita para pembaca self help untuk mengaplikasikan wawasan dan ilmu itu agar bisa memberikan hasil yang nyata melalui aksi kita dalam challenge yang diberikan perminggunya. This is really great idea.
Karena ini workbook, maka memang ada beberapa pemaparan yang rasanya kurang menyeluruh buat saya, tapi karena ada infomasi yang jelas tentang buku dan teori referensi, saya dengan mudah melacak dan melengkapi bagian-bagian yang kurang tersebut dengan membaca kembali informasinya di buku referensi yang bersangkutan. So, it's ok.
Dari 52 macam challenge yang ada di buku ini, saya pilihkan satu untuk dijelaskan ya. Challenge-nya adalah Chapter 32: Handling Insult. Bab ini merupakan satu dari 6 bab yang ada di Part Handling Conflict and Maintaining  Relationships - The Story: Social Intelligence. 
Untuk kita yang punya perasaan yang cukup sensitif mungkin chapter ini akan menarik sekali untuk dipelajari. Lantaran seringkali perkataan orang, yang bahkan tidak dimaksudkan sebagai celaan pun, keterima di kita, si hati sensitif, sebagai sesuatu yang menyakitkan. Dengan mengolah rasa dan berpegang pada logika kita sadar bahwa ini hanyalah soal perspektif saja.
Tapi bagaimana kalo situasi yang terjadi memang nyatanya sebuah penghinaan. Nah di buku ini kita diingatkan kembali bahwa 'Insults are something not entirely within our control', 'We, however, are endowed with the power to interpret the meaning of those insults. This power of interpretation is definitely within our control and exercising it can change the way we act."
Maka challenge yang ditawarkan berkaitan dengan pemahaman ini adalah, kapanpun seseorang menghina atau menyinggung perasaan kita, gunakan itu sebagai peluang untuk memperkuat karakter kita.
1. Behave like a rock - that is, do nothing
2. Engage in good old-fashioned self-deprecating humor.
Kendalikan diri kita saat dihina, dan tinjau kembali mindset kita.  Ingat, orang juga mengalami hari-hari buruk. Abaikan saja dan fokus pada orang yang mencintai kita.
Picture: Chapter 32: Handling Insult
Di buku ini juga ada halaman spesial, Midpoint Coaching Session, yang wajib dibaca dan dikontemplasikan. 
Picture: Halaman Midpoint Coaching Session
Di halaman Midpoint Coaching Session ada apresiasi buat kita yang sudah berhasil melakukan challenge, dan kadang ada satu barcode yang bisa kita scan untuk mendapatkan bonus material. Contohnya barcode yang ada di halaman 89 yang membuka ke satu link video inspirasi dan motivasi yang dibuat oleh IKIGAI.
Ada pula satu halaman khusus berlayout-kan kutipan kalimat inspirasi dan motivasi. Di dalam buku ini juga ada tabel, dan beberapa ilustrasi gambar yang membuat tampilan halaman menjadi lebih bervariasi.


Siapa Magnus Mulyadi

Magnus Mulyadi adalah seorang penulis asal Semarang yang menulis secara mendalam tentang menumbuhkan kebajikan dan membangun karakter manusia. Magnus adalah seorang 'self help junkie' dan 'magical realism nerd'. Ketika dia tidak sibuk menulis atau membaca buku, dia bekerja di bisnis keluarganya, PT. Makin Makmur Sentosa.


Siapa IKIGAI Consulting

IKIGAI Consulting adalah layanan konsultasi pertumbuhan pribadi dan komunitas yang berbasis di Semarang. IKIGAI Consulting  fokus membangun ikigai masyarakat, yang terdiri dari pengembangan passion, misi, profesi, dan vocation. Aktifitas yang diselenggarakan meliputi konseling, pembinaan, pendidikan, dan kegiatan kelompok pendukung.



Buku ini saya rekomendasikan kepada semua pembaca yang mencari buku topik self improvement yang mencakup berbagai sisi pengembangan diri, mulai dari value hingga gratitude. Buku ini berisi challenge yang applicable, dengan pemaparan singkat yang mudah dipahami. Sesuai formatnya yang workbook, buku ini memang diperuntukkan bagi kita yang ingin mengaplikasikan berbagai strategi pengembangan diri agar bisa memberikan perubahan yang nyata dalam kehidupan kita. Ada halaman khusus coaching dengan bonus barcode menuju video inspirasi - motivasi yang menarik untuk disimak.

Bagi yang tertarik membeli bukunya, silakan order 159K di





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