A Valentine's Day Nonsensical Article

Published: Friday, 12 February 2021 Written by Jeffrey Pratama


Sometimes we waited too long to say what we should have

Partly in the name of romance, we acted different than what we could have

Eased by the phrase “a special word”, “for a special ocasion”, “in a special moment”

A whole year to do so, eventually they just read almost zero, nothing is meant, nothing is sent

Keeping the words that could have been said everyday, become meaningless bread not even till the midway


But we keep on waiting.


Life is a reason for some, an excuse for others, a way for one, a wall for another.

On the edge of fear and greatness, life could become the stage for the nameless, refuge for those who are afraid, hiding from wars and plagues

Victory for those with luck, shame for those who pluck

Endlessly seeking answers, for the questions “why did this happen to me?”, “what have I done to deserve this?” and “What must I do next?”


But we just keep on waiting


Given the time we have on earth, from our death-bed right down to our birth,

Once you learn your first word, how to crawl forward, eat your first meal, understand what you feel, look for smiles, run your first mile, say your first prayer, noticing that you have gotten taller

Day in day out, morning sun, ‘till the lights are out.. We have the chance


But we just keep on waiting


Life, on the other hand, will not wait

On something as grand as a King addressing his people in a worldly stage, nor a young person revealing what a heart feel for ages.

Vivaciously flirting, obnoxiously whining, tremendously demanding, life will not wait

Especially when it comes to end our fate


So We can’t afford to just keep waiting


Pride and fear should not defeat what heart is trying to speak

Enraged spirit, kept off or vivid, should not beat what desire long to seek

On the days of weary, we must be courageous, to stand up tall and be counted; when everything falls, we must be mounted

Pain and suffering for all that is righteous, reenact what is meant for us all along, to be mighty, to be strong

Less about ourselves, but because of those who believe in us, who feel for us, who are counting on us

Even when we lost the fight, drown in a bottomless ocean, breathing air and a non-stop motion, they are counting on us.


So, we must move


Lord knows if we are in love, by which it means we are willing to give whatever it takes for our loved ones’ sake

Our selfish feelings of the concept of “being” are keeping us from bringing the best of what we could make

Voices are loud, but it should not be allowed, for we act beyond our fear, to speak of how we feel

Ending the cycle of silence, breaking the barrier of inconvenience, walking the path of conscience, of what it means to live, to love, to feel, to fall, to breathe, to suffocate, because of one reason, the reason of our existence


So now we move


Yes, speak of it loudly, speak of the truth, for

Only by it we will become chain-free; only through it we will come to see

Unbelievable feeling of freedom, covered with ease and relief, no more regrets, no more grief, no more sorrow

Reminiscing what has happened yesterday, will not continue tomorrow


So, move!

Explode, encourage, expand, excite; escape, enjoy; Explode!

Life will not wait, every moment counts, every second will go unannounced. Say it now. Say it loud, say it proud

For love is more than a feeling, a thought, sometimes, it needs to be vowed






Happy Valentine's Day.

Remember that LOVE is not just to be celebrated, but also lived


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