Review Buku September Love - Lang Leav

Published: Wednesday, 17 March 2021 Written by Dipidiff



Judul : September Love

Penulis : Lang Leav

Jenis Buku : Poetry

Penerbit : Andrews McMeel Publishing

Tahun Terbit : 2020

Jumlah Halaman :  224 halaman

Dimensi Buku :  5.1 x 0.6 x 8 inci

Harga : Rp. 265.000 *harga sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah

ISBN : 9781524859596


Edisi Bahasa Inggris

Available at PERIPLUS BANDUNG Bookstore (ig @Periplus_setiabudhi, @Periplus_husein1 , @Periplus_husein2)




Sekelumit Tentang Isi

A book that will change the way you think about love, relationships, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. Breaking the rules, challenging perceptions, and exploring the secret desires we keep hidden from the world. 

Beautifully composed and written by international bestselling author Lang Leav, this new collection of poetry and prose will positively influence your life.
September Love captures the magic of each passing season, a pearl of wisdom waiting to be discovered with every page turned. A book that will inspire you to reach for the stars.

Source: amazon. com     


Seputar Fisik Buku dan Disainnya



Dengan disain sampulnya yang simple, monokrom, ini jelas bakalan menarik perhatian para pecinta warna kombinasi hitam putih :D. Buat saya pribadi, honestly, lebih suka sampul yang lebih cerah. Tapi apalah artinya sampul begitu terbaca nama Lang Leav di sampul buku, tentu isi lebih penting. 


Opini - Yang menarik dan atau disuka dari Buku ini

Waktu itu, bulan Desember 2020, saya punya setidaknya dua buku puisi dalam TBR. Salah satunya September Love (publish 2020) yang ditulis oleh Lang Leav, penyair populer pemenang Goodreads Choice Award dan juara Qantas Spirit of Youth Award serta Churchill Fellowship.

Desember musimnya hujan, dan rintiknya menghidupkan satu sisi jiwa saya yang melankolis. Hati yang rapuh ini rasanya tergetar disapu bait-bait puisi cinta dan deritanya. Kalo lagi ga malu *atau malu-maluin, saya ambil gitar lantas memainkan satu dua *album lagu kenangan. Atau sekadar memainkan melodinya untuk mengiringi syair-syair yang sedang dibaca dan dirasa #tssaahhh.

Di bagian awal buku ini, kita akan menemukan sebuah tulisan dari salah satu pembaca buku puisi Lang Leav yang juga seorang penyair. Apa yang ia tulis menurut saya meresonansikan banyak pembaca puisi juga, termasuk saya. Melalui puisi kita merasa terkoneksi dengan dunia, sebab kadang hanya puisi yang mampu mewakili rasa, ketika kata-kata seolah tak lagi bisa.

I believe we read poetry to connect to the world around us. I would argue that the most important and valuable aspect of life is human connection. My love of poetry blossomed when I was sixteen as I started reading poems as a form of therapy. I remember discovering Lang's work on Tumbler, where I constantly scoured the site in search of love poems to send to my long-distance boyfriend at the time. Her delicate, soft font first caught my eye, but it was the beauty and depth that Lang created with such few words that had the greatest influence on me.

Sharing your poetry with the world is comparable to opening up your journal, full of your deepest vulnerabilities and desires, and allowing the world to read. As a writer myself, I have a deep appreciation for my fellow poets who share the words that stem from their open hearts. It is a war and humbling experience, and Lang was kind enough to reach out to me with support and encouragement when I announced the publication of my first collection.


Page vi


Puisi pertama di buku ini sesuai dengan judulnya, yakni puisi September Love, yang ternyata bukan puisi baru, melainkan sudah pernah terbit di Sea of Strangers. 

September Love

(Originally published in Sea of Strangers)

How many years must we put between us to prove we are no longer in love? How many summers and Septembers, distractions and chance meetings, remnants of our sad, hopeful love in another's look, an all too familiar gesture – how long do we go on dragging our bodies day after day through this yawning, yearning world, searching for a glimpse of what could have been?

Tell me there has been someone else like me, for you, that your experience of love has not been defined by the way I spoke your name into the hollow of your neck. Ask me if I have found the same kind of reverence anywhere else but in your slow, patient hands, your sea-salt lips spilling laughter mid-sentence, my heart rising in a crescendo like a wave ready to crash.

As you whispered to me, love is the only thing that time cannot touch.

After all this time, my love for you burns constant and true, my guiding light, my morning star. Time is testament to the relentless, unyielding power of this old, ancient love. A love I will carry with me, from eons to oceons to inches, back to you.

Page 1


Masih edisi melted gara-gara puisi cinta Lang Leav, kali ini saya share ya, dua puisi favorit bertopikkan cinta yang saya temukan di buku September Love.

The Age of Love

People ask me how old I am, and I smile. It is impolite to ask a woman her age. But I don't mind at all. I tell them I am merely growing into my skin, that I have always been an old soul, and they ask me,

Doesn't your soul remain the age you were when you first fell in love?

Well, I answer, love is older than time, and then I tell them about you – and how I have loved you for a very, very long time.

Page 25


All I See
Did you say I am the girl who reads too much into everything - that I can't look at a word without seeing a poem - or turn a flower into a field? I never see things as they are, only what they could be. So, can you blame me when I look at you and all I see is love.
Page 43.


September Love berisi 104 puisi. Di dalamnya ada puisi tentang semangat mengalahkan obstacles, misalnya puisi Twenty Nineteen

Twenty Nineteen

This year broke like a ray of sun on rain; hope that pierced my heart like an ache. Brought the promise of a new beginning; a chance to set things right. But it came with the same old sadness, the same betrayals, the inescapable turmoil of my life. The peaks and valleys of my days, like the line of a pulse shooting up so high, I thought nothing would ever touch me again, and then so low that nothing could.

This year found new ways to break my heart but I didn't let it break me. Gave as much as it took and still left me wanting. Left me with a proud, unwavering sense of myself, and a fierce, unbreakable resolve to conquer the next.

Page 39


tentang perenungan cinta, misalnya In Love and Free,

In love and free 

In every relationship, there is an underlying question we must keep asking ourselves;

How can we at once be in love and free?

Page 53


tentang kebijaksanaan hidup, misalnya To Yourself,

To yourself 

Pick yourself up. Get it together. Not because others have it worse than you. not because you owe it to anyone to put on a smile. But because you have your mother s blood flowing through your veins. And even if you think otherwise, you matter to so many people. But first of all, you need to matter to yourself.

Page 179


juga puisi yang meresonansikan perasaan dan jiwa seorang penulis dan penyair, misalnya Locked Boxes, Nine Books, The Golden Rule,

The golden Rule

Something I wish I had known from the beginning. If you are criticized for you writing, it means you are creating work of note. When you find yourself in a place where strangers are talking about you, keep creating the work that got you noticed. Do not alter your writing to appease your critics. It is natural to crave validation, especially from those who will never give it. To be a successful writer, you must ignore this instinct. This is the most critical lesson I have learned. You can't please everyone, so don't even try. This rule applies in life, in love, and especially in writing.

Page 79


Nine books 

The first book was a song that came from nowhere. The second and third bloomed like a garden I kept in secret. By the fourth, something dark was brewing. I lost my way at five, six, and seven. By eight I wanted blood. Here at nine I am back to the sweet insistent singing from where it started. Never has my voice echoed so freely. Drawn from the well of my soul. And I will always sing like this from now on. Even if I m the only one who hears it.

Page 51


Tentang dia yang menyukai puisi yang jiwanya terisi dengan bait bait dan syair, misalnya Locked boxes page 45.

Atau dia sebagai penulis,

I tell them about my life by the sea

The idyllic writer's life, the bohemian glitz

Of never having to sing for my supper

Lying around in bed all day in my pajamas

Petting cats, eating out of cereal boxes

And the thing I want to say is the very thing I can't


Because this is not my life

And I know it looks beautiful to you

Through the rose-tinted lens of poetry

It looks beautiful to you when every light is on

And the shades are up.


It looks beautiful to you with my head thrown back

Easy laughter spilling from my mouth

My arms wrapped around  a man

Solely devoted to my happiness

His fingers through my hair, watching me

And you think, look at her

So much love, so much life


But only from the outside

Only when someone's looking in


Page 67


Ada puisi lain yang saya juga suka karena rasanya sesuai dengan apa yang saya yakini.

In a World Like That
I don't want to be in a relationship where I feel the constant need to explain myself. I don't want to live in a world like that either.
Page 101.



Sesuatu tentang feminis yang saya suka,

For a man 

My absolute love and adoration for a man can live in peace with my feminism.

Page 49


Tentang wisdom of life,

To Past Generations,

Your grew up in a time of tall trees and flowers. Stumbled through the dark, blameless and carefree. When you were at fault, you answered only to yourself. The pain you've caused others – now inconsequential – because no one was watching. You belong to a world of forgotten transgressions.

Our generation blooms in the era of eyes and judgement. Where our mistakes are timestamped; our broken hearts live streamed. But does this give you a right to throw stones at us? Self-growth is a long and winding road, and the ground we are treading is unlike any other. Please be patient with us. Be kind. Understand that we must lose our way, over and over, before we can find the best version of ourselves.

Page 71


Saya juga suka puisi ini, puisi tentang ibu, karena rasanya true dan menyentuh,



Your name is the second one

Your mother gave you


Love was the first

Page 11



ada juga puisi yang berbicara tentang duka,


Grief is like a flower

The way it blooms

And blooms. It is

A heart-shaped wound


That never closes

A mouth, always wanting

More love is found in grief

Than in love itself


Like a diamond

That can only be cut

With another diamond

Grief is the only thing

That cuts through love


Page 33



Satu hal yang saya sukai dari puisi, terutama puisi Lang Leav, adalah syair-syairnya yang mampu membuat saya terkoneksi dengan perasaan dan pikiran saya. Seolah melihat cerminan jiwa yang kadang sulit dipahami bahkan oleh diri sendiri.

By the way, September Love adalah buku puisi tanpa ilustrasi. Jadi buat teman-teman yang sempat berekspektasi tentang hal ini, sekarang sudah dapat kepastian tentang hal tersebut.

Seperti puisi-puisi Lang Leav di buku sebelumnya, puisi di September Love juga banyak bermain di metafora, jenis metafora yang saya sukai karena indah dan terkoneksi dengan mudah, misalnya puisi Let It dan Endless Thirst,

Let it


So, if something is calling you, answer. If it bursts out of your chest like a trapped bird set free, follow it. There is a mysterious pull that longs to take you exactly where you need to go. Let it.

Page 41


Endless Thirst,

You are at once a sea full of saltwater, and the endless thirst scratching the back of my throat.

Page 65

Jika dilihat dari topik-topik yang diangkat, buku ini mirip Love Looks Pretty on You, karena terasa random, kadang sedih, kadang senang, kadang bahas cinta, kadang duka, acak antara wisdom of life dengan puisi tentang penulis /penyair. Tapi kalo kita kaitkan dengan tema judul, buku ini mengingatkan saya pada Lullabies yang bertema musik, dan The Universe of Us yang puisinya bertema alam semesta. Di September Love ini ada puisi-puisi yang judul atau syairnya menggunakan nama bulan, misalnya April Fool dan tentu saja puisi September Love,

April fool ,

We came together in July, clung to one another like leaves to a tree, everything golden before the fall. My love was a bird feathering her nest, spring in my heart, perched on a branch, singing. Your love was a question that never found an answer – still hasn't. I held on for as long as I could until I was stripped bare of everything you thought you wanted, and you couldn't look at me the way you used to. Do you think what sparked between us was love – or just another beautiful trick of the light ? I was your April fool – just three months shy of a year with you. Arms open and waiting, waiting for the seaside promise of summer, ever once doubting it would come.

Page 57


Lang Leav adalah salah satu penyair favorit saya sejak Lullabies dan The Universe of Us terbit dulu itu. Dan hingga kini, di September Love, bait-bait yang ia tulis masih menjadi salah satu yang terindah yang saya temukan di antara puisi para penyair lainnya.


Siapa Lang Leav

Novelis dan penyair Lang Leav lahir di kamp pengungsi ketika keluarganya melarikan diri dari rezim Khmer Merah. Dia menghabiskan tahun-tahun formatifnya di Sydney, Australia, di kota Cabramatta yang didominasi migran. Di antara banyak prestasinya, Lang adalah pemenang Qantas Spirit of Youth Award, Churchill Fellowship, dan Goodreads Choice Award.

Buku pertamanya, Love & Misadventure (2013), sukses besar, dan buku-buku puisi berikutnya semuanya menjadi buku terlaris internasional. Pada 2016, Lang mengalihkan perhatiannya ke fiksi, dan novel debutnya Sad Girls naik ke posisi 31 di Straits Times dan tangga terlaris lainnya secara internasional.

Lang secara aktif berpartisipasi dalam festival penulis internasional dan turnya selalu menarik banyak orang. Dengan gabungan dua juta pengikut di media sosial, pesan Lang tentang cinta, kehilangan, dan pemberdayaan perempuan terus bergema di antara banyak pembacanya.

Lang telah tampil di CNN, SBS Australia, Intelligence Squared UK, Radio New Zealand dan dalam berbagai publikasi, termasuk Vogue, Newsweek, Straits Times, Guardian, dan New York Times. Dia saat ini tinggal di Selandia Baru dengan partner dan rekan penulisnya, Michael Faudet.


Also by Lang Leav


Sad Girls



Love & Misadventure



The Universe of Us

Sea of Strangers

Love Looks Pretty on You


Sumber: Buku September Love



Buku puisi ini saya rekomendasikan kepada semua penggemar puisi, terutama fans Lang Leav. Mereka yang mencari buku puisi tentang cinta, kehidupan, perjuangan, dan wanita, juga kemungkinan besar akan menyukai September Love. Metaforanya kaya tapi mudah dipahami, bait-baitnya hidup dan meresonansikan isi hati banyak orang. Buku ini tanpa ilustrasi.


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